3d wallpaper for homeThat bag there. That’s not nectarines in that bag son. If you look close there’s eyes on those things. creepy ones. like grape jelly on wood shavings. yeah, and if you look even closer, something even more fearful, these links.

3D Wallpaper – How about some crazy 3D wallpaper for your walls. Textured and all to make them pop like beans.
Peter Gibson Street Art – There’s nothing like a little spray paint to make those drab streets sizzle. Grab your cans and do likewise.
Twitter still taking off – Gee, who woulda thunk it? I’m telling ya, right now, it’s about the coolest thing going for that business exposure jazz.
Stuff Insurance? – Why does the simple life seem so hard but is yet so easy.. with a small amount of effort. This is one reason why.
Most Alien Looking Place on Earth – Ya Think? Kinda reminds me of Virgina… if you were mental and hallucinating.
D90 Reveiw roundup – like you need to see them to decide this camera is hot, but Engadget brings it all together for ya.


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