We’re in the exhilarating second half of the SolidWorks Press Event and as you can see from the live coverage, PAL Robotics is debuting the Humanoid Robot and striking fear in the hearts of those that know what is to come.

Even though they’ll stab their metal jowls through the heart of the ‘peaceful’ societies of earth, it’s dang cool technologies and it’s developed completely in SolidWorks. We’re seeing it on stage. No wires, no assistance. and two creepy looking eyes.

Here’s a recap from the live coverage and some other specifications and some photos.

1.5 meters, 60kg, 1.5 km/h, 120 minute autonomy. voice command recognition, facial recognition, laser-based geography mapping (indoor), dynamic walking, lifts 12 kg.

It’s movement is actually pretty smooth even though it a bit blocky looking and wiggles a bit up top. But c’mon, it’s the first of it’s kind and breaking some ground on how machines can mimic human movement and interaction. Here’s some videos that show you exactly what will be coming at you one day… in one form or another, with glowing read eyes. *shudder*

robot design in SolidWorks


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