Ok, so it’s here. The first attempt at 3D CAD on a mobile device that just happens to be developed by Apple. Oh yeah, and the there’s the multi-touch thing.

Fabio Policarpo currently working as a Senior Engineer at DoubleFine Productions, a game developer in San Francisco, California. Who knows the motivation he had behind creating this, but it’s simple, cool and will no doubt open up a lot of ideas about where to go next. Here’s the details.

iTracer is a 3D modeling and rendering application for the iPhone that enables the end user to model objects from basic primitives manipulating their profiles and edit down to per-vertex normals. Then you can you render your models in high-quality images complete with transparency, refraction, shadows, reflection and self-illumination.

yeah, uh-huh, and get this…

Using Apple’s multi-touch interface on the iPhone you interact with the modeling process via typical modeling tools such as translate, rotate, scale, revolve and extrude.

and how are they doing the license and updates?

iTracer cost just 3.99. USD and a new license gets you all future updates for free.

The app can be downloaded here

I’m finishing an article that has something to do with this topic. What’s your opinion of 3D CAD and multi-touch?

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