The stacks of statistical anomalies and stale bread substitutes towered ominously over the lush shrubberies of Canton Loopiecero. No one fathomed that weaved amidst the coiled succulents, lay the power of the fortress… these links.

Rone Marshall – Abstraction and light are two of Rone’s specialties… he tosses them straight into your hippocampus.
Iron Baby – This is cool, until you realize how scary a baby Iron Man could be.
Alternate LOST ending – Jimmy Kimmel NAILS it. This is really how it should have ended.
20 Cool Billboards – If every billboard was like these… well, there would be more wrecks and more pigeons.
30 Fresh and Beautiful 3D Typography Designs – Two wonderful things mixed together. 3D and typography. Like chocolate and more chocolate and in 3D.
Soluto – They created frenzy at TCdisrupt this week. They’re bringing the end to slow frustrating computers. Sign up.
Surprising truth about what motivates us – This animation has motivated me to show this to all my bosses and former bosses.


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