Well, I don’t know about you, but it’s been a tense couple of weeks watching the entries come in for the iPad model rendering challenge. The wait is over… Or is it? YES, it is!

All together we had 28 submissions and over 50 renderings from people using a variety of top-notch rendering tools – very impressive the options you all have. Here they are along with the top contenders and the one to take home the prize, a 3D Connexion SpaceTraveler.

Oh! and if you have an idea for a future rendering challenge, just drop us a note.

Dripta Roy – Rhino 4 – Maxwell 2

Top Contenders!
Andy Meilstein – modo

Ihab Sultan – Simlab Composer

LP Eriksson – 3ds Max – v-ray – Photshop

Matt Graves – PhotoWorks

Michael Lord – PhotoView360

All Entries

Alain Poirier – Keyshot

Alan Sweetenham – PhotoView360

Arash Ohadi – 3ds Max – mental ray

Brian Townsend – Keyshot

Brice McPherson – PhotoWorks

Bruce Buck – PhotoWorks

Daniel Ng – PhotoView360

Danny Tasmakis – Simlab Composer

David Kidd – Keyshot

Eric Heimbach – Rhino – Keyshot

Fredrik Karlsson – 3ds Max – v-ray

James Lovell – Keyshot

Jason Brown – Keyshot

Jeff Bare – PhotoView360

Josh Richman – Keyshot

Luis Alberto Cordoba Dorantes – Keyshot

Marijn van den Heuvel – Blender

Patrick Hartog – Rhino – v-ray

Paul McCrorey – modo

Richard Follett – Hypershot

Sean Kenna – Keyshot

Vic Mohoney – Keyshot

Victor Andrejew – Keyshot


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