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You know that annoying guy who’s blocking the soda machine because he’s looking down at his iPhone? He might not be texting or leveling up on a game, he might just be designing an extremely life-changing product to serve you up a cold beverage without leaving your seat… and he might be using an app called JumiMouse to do it.

Jumitech has created a slew of apps that give you complete control over your computer, the software on it and the device connected to it. The ones you’ll be interested in are the apps allowing you to control programs like SolidWorks via WiFi.

JumiTech is a three man team consiting of Yehuda Naim, Michael Badichi and Benny Shaviv. (Benny was formerly with PLMplus.)

Their apps are set up to do one thing – interact with your PC via mobile devices. Given that you’re interacting with your computer over WiFi or a 3G connection, they do it pretty well. You’ll see occasional lag and get the “touch frustration” with what touch screens limit you to, but hey, you’re controlling your PC with a ‘phone’.

Part of this is the ability to control programs on your PC, even product development programs. Now, it’s a tad outlandish to think you could open up SolidWorks via your iPhone and go to work on sketches and surfaces, but the possibility is there and the idea of the iPhone being a supplemental control device for 3-dimensional data is an interesting concept to develop. Now, if they would only get crackin’ on a Keyset app to make it more feasible.

Here are some views of what SolidWorks looks like using JumiMouse.

What’s Unique about JumiTech

There are quite a few remote apps available for the iPhone, however most of them use Microsoft’s proprietary Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to your computer. JumiTech uses their own internally developed Jumi Controller software to allow you to connect to your computer with via 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi.

Another app similar to what JumiTech is developing is Citrix Receiver from the makers of GotToMeeting and GoToMyPC. The difference is their iPhone app is free, but as discussed in a previous post, the controller making it all possible, Citrix XenDesktop, will cost you $75-$275 per concurrent user depending on the platform you choose.

Currently JumiTech has 6 products:

JumiCam – Watch your webcams from anywhere
JumiMouse – Control PC Apps with iPhone, iPod or iPad
JumiGamer – Play PC Games and Control PC Apps with iPhone, iPod or iPad
JumiAmp – Control your Winamp Media player from anywhere
JumiFly – Put a virtual fly on your (or others) PC
JumiTap – Remote Control Suite for PC Apps

All are available in the app store (iTunes) for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad. You can view videos and get a better understanding of all the apps they offer at their site and view how to get connected here.

We have six promo codes for anyone interesting in trying out the apps. 3 for JumiMouse and three for JumiGamer. The first 6 to contact us will get them!


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