photoshop techniques for text fontsWhere? Look right there. do ya see that hole, and in that hole a badger, and in that badger a key? I was just wondering, cause I don’t see anything like that, but here’s some links.

50 Creative Photoshop Text Effects – Logos? Illustration? Great text effects and teach a lot of the techniques used in Photoshop for eye-catching graphics.
Robots of the 19th century – They’ve been planning it for AGES. It started here folks. They’re among us… I think. These guys would be kinda obvious.
Warren Buffett’s Top Secrets – Find out with a quick 10 point how the richest guy in the world invests.
Yammer – It’s twitter for internal corporate communications and it won this years TechCrunch50.
PleaseDressMe – Shirt. Search. It’s really good. I just wish there were better graphics out there. more ninjas people.


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