solidworks enhancement requestsSo what would you tell SolidWorks if you had their ears for a few minutes? Would you complain, praise, or tell them to add something? A new website is up, taking that whole idea, and serving it up hot for your enjoyment and entertainment. is providing a quick and easy way for you to communicate your deepest, most heart-felt desires about SolidWorks. However…

It’s moderated so you just can’t enter anything and expect it to show up. Select a topic, enter your thoughts and submit it. Simple, the way enhancement requests should be. But it’s a little rough, even though it looks nice and clean. There’s no way from the front page to see the previous post except for refreshing. However, you can view them through the feed.

It’s entertaining to see the request and it really cool to see what people have on their minds. Some are pretty good suggestions. Is it a better way to make enhancement requests or just entertaining? What would you add?

Via Behnt


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