They’re about as tall as muffin tin and sound like eight monkeys drinking whiskey in a hailstorm. But ya know waht, they gave me these links and everything was just fine.

Glennz Concepts – it’s apparent that these are awesome illustrations. it’s also apparent I ate something with garlic.
Sweet Optimization – and free too. Defrag, Recover and Clean that clunky, slow computer with Piriform’s trio of speed.
List of Unusual Deaths – Not to dwell on the subject. I’d avoid watching your donkey try to eat figs though.
MagCloud – Wow. Publish your own magazine. Sell it for $50 to your mum.
Tastespotting – a site that has links and pictures of food, lots of pictures of food. One of a $14 Hotdog.
Star Wars Weekend – 13 fun posters for those people that freak out about cool Star Wars stuff. Also, they’re very clever.
Font Squirrel – cause every font needs a squirrel… or maybe cause every squirrel needs font. Thanks Al.
Ninja Squirrel – shhhh, whatch for it… watch for it… hand me a…. OH!! wha!! the!!

Bonus! Really annoying and useless full-page Flash
Mend the fence – Escher would be proud and then vomit. (link fixed)
bouncing blue balls – hmmm, mesmerizing.
Time beat – ok, maybe it’s kinda useful.


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