There’s hope for your carpal tunnel syndrome, worn out wrist supports and squeaky chair. In the future, they may be replaced by the joy of getting into your work… literally.

Lauren Argo put pen to paper to churn out the idea of pen to air on 3D canvas. The idea uses “iGPS”(?) to capture a triangulated infrared (IR) signal between transmitters and a hand-held pen that acts the drawing/modeling device. Here’s how it’s imagined and how you’ll become a little more flexible in your future CAD environment.

Imagine being able to walk around a concept car- or view a model without a rapid prototyping lab, time, and money. With the Wacomvision, 3D models can be sent between businesses and clients to review work. You can also virtually render, paint, record, and capture views.”

Actually I can imagine this and it’s kinda cool. Practical? Only if the majority of designers and CAD/PLM peeps, oh, and the clients and businesses reviewing the work are fully capable of bending over. Actually, who cares, those people can be pushed into desk roles. What’s interesting about this is how it brings in aspects of manufacturing. You’re not sitting at a desk when your constructing sheet metal pieces for a design. Even the CNC operators are more active in the production of parts.

So, really, why couldn’t this work? Why couldn’t an 3D modeling environment take up a whole cubicle space instead of… a whole cubicle? A conference room with an open space instead of a table? I like how these ideas are shapping the future… even if we’ll have to get a few packs of kneepads for that real detailed design work.

Here’s a look at the concept.

Via YankoDesign


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