You gotta learn to shoot tar out the back of the rig, not the front! You’ll get the spool drive clogged and they ALWAYS attack from the rear! Now finish mounting these links!

Frank Frazetta – Good ol’ Franks dies this week, but his insane fantasy art will live on… probably.
Imperial Walker Bunkbed – If this isn’t the coolest DIY bunkbed project, I will eat an Ewok… make that two ewoks. Thanks Nick!
Are you a sushi ninja? – Or are you a day old sushi like me? Personally, I’d eat the stuff if it was covered in chocolate and made of chocolate fish.
SproutRobot – A personalized planting calendar for growing veggies and the like, yes, in a garden. That’s where they come from.
6 Free Websites for learning Science – Physics, Genetics, Robots. This is a viscous combination of scientific knowledge ready for you to consume.
Cancer Bats Sabotage – The hunt for the Beastie Boys is on in this dope cover by the Caner Bats. Thanks Al!
Humble Game Pack – Pay what you want, get’em all. World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish and more.


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