Feel like fiddling with a few polygons on a Friday? You’ll be feeling the joys of pushing pixels around the screen creating monsters, aliens, architectural masterpieces and more with the news this week from the West Coast.

Pixologic, makers of Zbrush, have launched a fresh update to their Zbrush modeling resource, ZClassroom. With it comes new and much needed tutorials to get you started modeling and painting in Zbrush. There’s even some guidance on prepping your models for import into modo, maya and C4D.

Zbrush has some of the best character modeling and rendering I’ve seen lately. You can see a lot of examples here at the Zbrush gallery. Use of the classroom tutorials is absolutely free. There are also featured artist tutorials and, of course, the forum and wiki, but the tutorials they have up are your best bet to start learning fast.

Whats Zbrush?
Zbrush, from Pixologic, is a cross-platform polygon modeling suite for digital sculpting and painting. It’s brushes and polygon editing tools allow a lot of freedom over the shapes you want to create whether they’re structural or organic. You can pick up a trial here to try out.

Via Pixologic


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