Long cycling, indispensable forces caught is the crushing grip of a reversal beam spanned steadily across the plain’s splintered sheath. The itinerants deployed. Each one knew however when it ended, they would face the electrifying horror of these links.

Dimitar Tzvetanov – Dark, mysterious scenes and massive landscapes captured in the concepts and matte paintings of Dimitar Tzvetanov.
The Walken Dead – Everyone’s worst fear. A virus… takes over the brain… destroying everything, but basic motor function… and the part that stores Christopher Walken quotes.
Treshr – Find free stuff using an actual map. Collects from Craigslist and Freecycle for a more visual approach to begin your hoarding.
Space Time Lapse – Space station photos stitched together by James Drake for a satellite-eye view of this rotating mass of gas and rock.
Underwater dioramas – The next time you’re sitting in a 200 gallon tank, think of the time it took to make these.
Cube Stormer – An ARM Powered robot that solves a Rubik’s Cube faster than you can say how many sides a cube has.
20+ Free Geometric Sans-Serif Fonts – Futura, Spartan… quite my favorite. A group of other free and stylish geometric fonts to spiffy up your type.
Koi – A simply stunning short-film from Diestro to take you into the weekend.


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