Are 3D Printers a disruptive technology? Are you kidding me? Look at the image above. That person, or that person’s arm, is obviously being sucked into the filament carriage to be used in the construction of extruded parts. Totally disruptive. On the flip side, that’s one more substance we can add to the growing list of materials used to print concept designs and/or new ears. Gartner analyst Jackie Fenn, whom you may know from the hype surrounding Gartner’s Hype Cycle, believes 3D printing is indeed one of the emerging trends that affects you, your business and life. But what is it actually disrupting?

3D Printing disruption

3D printers disrupting your get-outta-bed-go-to-work reality may not be such the norm right now… unless you’re going to work to power up the 3D printer that has replaced half of your manufacturing staff… which is happening. But besides that, the tech is just barely bleeding into the edges of the happy consumer household to supply their every replication need. However, in an interview with Jackie Fenn by Fabaloo in 2010, she pretty much nails what’s been happening over the past few months:

We are still featuring it as an emerging technology due to the general lack of awareness about its capabilities and its potential. However most of the detailed coverage is happening out of our printing practice area, by my colleague Pete Basiliere. We expect that coverage to grow over time as more of our clients become interested in what it can do for them and how to integrate it into their IT and business processes.Fabaloo

Integration into the business process. Is that happening where you work? And really, is it that disruptive?

Source/Image: ZDNet


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