best-of-css-design-2007.jpgDon’t ya just love themed holiday posts? They’re like those themed bathrooms with the puppy shower curtains and the puppy soap pump and the stuffed puppies and that smell.

How to Travel the World With (or Without) Kids in 2008 – It’s possibly, just take care of the concerns. Here’s how.
The History of New Year’s Day – Yeah, it’s started somewhere. You know, days, nights, festivities?
New Years Countdown – a bunch of handy little countdowns to ring in the new year. Even a full-screen version.
Best of Everything 2007 – From the best products and tech to the worst dressed and worst books. hit it.
Best CSS of 2007 – they forgot this in the last link. A list of the best web style out there.
How to Find the Best Place to Celebrate New Year’s Eve – Only a seven step process. Just go to the party for cryin’ out loud.
Champagne Guide – Impress your snooty friends New Year’s Eve with what you should already know about cham-pag-nay.


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