Well, it hasn’t been a full years, but it’s been a full 6.5 months of slamming the door open and closed in the SolidWorks scene.

In 251 post with 477 comments, here’s the 10 most popular one’s of 2007.

  1. How to Make your Own Custom Background for SolidWorks
  2. 14 SolidWorks Video Tips to Get You Started
  3. 5 Fresh Backgrounds for SolidWorks
  4. 10 New Backgrounds for SolidWorks 2008 Drawings
  5. 3 Ways to Make a Robust SolidWorks Assembly
  6. Tips to Tame SolidWorks Library Features
  7. 8 Absolutely Odd Facts About SolidWorks 2008
  8. Why Smart Numbers are Dumb: SolidWorks Guidelines for File Names
  9. PTC Goes History-Free, Buys CoCreate
  10. Designing the Engineer

Apparently, some people like posts about backgrounds. Here’s some of my other favorites.

  1. Product Review: Acrobat 3D Version 8
  2. The Vital Key to an Organized SolidWorks Team
  3. What you want to know about SolidWorks 2008: The Interface
  4. The Thumb Wrestling Continues
  5. ‘BoneCrusher’ Is Real Vehicle Developed in SolidWorks

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