thomyork.jpgDays and nights of sitting in front of a computer can be very hard on the ol’ melon. The low droning buzz of the fluorescents is enough to make you go completely mad and your ipod just ran out of juice.

Fortunately, the interweb has had little radio babies with endless hours of streaming tunage to help shut out the annoying noise of others people being productive. There’s many out there, but my favorite has to be Pandora. It adapts to what you want to hear and the music quality is excellent.

But what’s the best music to listen to when you’re sitting for hours studying or modeling or writing helpful articles?

It’s all about the groove
Hand’s down, the best music to listen during times of deep concentration are tunes without words. Who needs some singer going on about this or that when you’re trying to get things done. Boot the singer and settle into a nice groove. Here are 10 stations that are bound to help you keep the rhythm going.

Got another one you like? Hit the comments!

Groove 70’s Radio
The Meters, Mighty Imperials, Soul Strokes, etc.

Groove Dixie Jazz Radio
Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Jack Teagarden, Pete Fountain, etc.

Groove Drum n’ Bass Radio
Deiselboy, DJ Zinc, Roni Size, etc.

Groove Flamenco Radio
Paco Pena, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Carlos Montoya & Andres Segovia, etc.

Groove Guitar Radio
Leo Kottke, Bert Jansch, Preston Reed, etc.

Groove Quintette Radio
The New Quintette Du Hot Club De France, The Hot Club, Pearl Django, etc.

Groove Rock Radio
Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris Duarte, Led Zeppelin, etc.

Groove Smooth Radio
BT, Tosca, Rocket, etc.

Groove Surf Radio
The Tornadoes, The Ventures, The Lively Ones, etc.

Groove Western Radio
Ennio Morricone, Liz Carroll, Jack Nitzsche, etc.


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