He had a steady hand. Could charge a blast arm with the fastest of’em too, but eventually he absorbed to many burp nodules and all but melted away laughing into these links.

Dragos Jieanu – 3D, video, matte, and sketch. Amazing composition and making of rich environments by Dragos Jieanu.
Childrens Books and Designers – Why are they good? We’re disconnected and it’s making us look old and hairy. Apply this article to smooth the wrinkles.
Mariana Trench – How deep? This deep… Let’s just say, the Mariana trench would hold a lot of jello and socks.
Venmo – Coolest concept in cash since I kicked an ATM. Pay from your phone, but you can request an invite on the site and here.
Jobs… of the future -and what you can do with a pile of labor statistics. Management and Software are still there in the future.
40 single page mini templates – Need a quick, easy and very slick looking online Resume? Website launch page? Business card? Portfolio? Yes!
Worlds largest light saber fight – Not a single person on a Tauntaun. Lame. You always, ALWAYS bring a Tauntaun to a lightsaber fight.


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