Seriously, no bullets are gonna help, no alliance with the undead or any sort of blunt object or girly scream. The end… is near…. and where ever you run, the werewolf hordes are approaching.

Fortunately, you’ve already been bitten and eventually you’ll feel a a sharp bone shifting jab as technological morphotypes wrap their corpuscular DNA around your innate engineering ability and suave design sense, whereby transforming you into a new breed of something to be FEARED. Really, I wouldn’t lie to you.

So, I’ve gathered what’s making it happen and 5 reasons why. Time to feast.

5 Reasons Why Werewolves Will Take Over 3D Product Design

They will transmogrify when you least expect it
There’s nothing like being in a really important design review when all of sudden the lead designer or engineer, sprouts hair and sprays a deafening drool scream at you as they sketch out the most detailed model view of a new concept you’ve ever seen. At the same time, engineering and manufacturing already have updated data and a concept is being printed interpolated from the sketch. How did they do it?

They will know where to feast
What’s even better is when they now transformed designer turns to an inept co-worker and completely devours… his pencil and key to his filing cabinet, then proceeds to show him where to find data, discuss certain issues with engineering and productions within the design while completely avoiding email, whereby reducing the amount of flesh and frightened looks flying about. Straight to the jugular.

They will consume
You don’t shape-shift into a mythical creatures of design prowess to nit-pick around looking for meaty morsels. No, No, Noooo. You pounce. You consume. If anyone or anything gets in your way, they’re getting a deep claw mark across their propensity to create enormous amounts of unnecessary spreadsheets. If data doesn’t appear as you need it, it will appear when you need it, in exactly the way you need it to appear.

They don’t need clothes
Werewolves with clothes just look stupid. They don’t need them (American Werewolf in London. Dir. John Landis. American Werewolf Inc., 1981.) The clothes just restrict you from being the agile designer or engineer that can shift workflows instantly, share data, back-up, restore. Goodbye files and folders. Hello context.

You will see the carnage
All the above violence and uncomfortable scenes of people wetting their pants in fear sounds nice, but what really, REALLY matters is outcomes. There’s nothing worse than a werewolf who’s bad at being a werewolf. Get the hatchet! That’s why you’ll know you have yourself a good Lycan when the results of it’s efforts are seen strewn across the office, in real-time. Everyone sees who’s doing the real work. Killer.

What this post is actually about…

Two really odd things happened last week. Google came out with Buzz and Vuuch launched a new version of their app with new plugins to boot. A week before that, SolidWorks announced a new product called SolidWorks PDS. What are they?

Buzz – Googles new entry into Social connectedness. It appears in Gmail. Has security vunerabilities. Is fun to use. Allows easy communications with your peers. Is a new way of navigating information. Allows you to see who others are connected with and communicate with them.

Vuuch – Vuuch is a way to communicate about design inside the model environment… or on the web, or in a document. It puts you inside of where the issues happen. There’s a web-base side. It’s like ‘Facebook for files.’ It appears in Outlook (with the plugin.) It bring context to design and issues about design.

SolidWorks PDS – It uses the Dassualt Enovia V6 platform. Enovia V6 is a layer connecting all Dassault products. It appears in SolidWorks. It is web-based. It has Mobile clients. You share data and files like you do on Social Networks. You can also create communities.

Bottom line, your work, the way you work and all that revolves around data and communications is transforming, and much like Mr. Wolfman up there, you’re transmogrifying along with it. But don’t expect this new genetic alteration to the way you design and engineer products to be a peaceful symbiosis. No, there’s pain a’comin’ and rightly so. There needs to be resistance to a ‘better’ way that tries to enter our domain. For the single reason that they, the developers, need to also adapt and bind to who we are.

So Beware!! There’s more tech coming out each day. That just so happens to be one aspect we love to cover here at SolidSmack. The tech. And if it’s pushing forward how we design, we’ll cover it. If it’s showing how we can wreak havoc in our work to create sweet lookin’ designs, make manufacturing happy and have a fun time doing it we’ll cover it also.

In the words of a song on the same topic… “If you are walking by, And I transmogrify, Be prepared to run or die! Run or die!” Whatcha gonna do?


Josh is founder and editor at, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.