josh-keyes-paintingYou’ve got five days I reckon. After that, you can’t tell what the unintended results of too much lather will do to affect migration of wild yaks. I’d put down some crumbs and use these links.

Josh Keyes – You won’t see surreal cutaway art like this in the textbooks. Great detail and a touch of creepy.
42 Sources for Lego Inspiration – Cause sometime coming up some ideas can be harder than coming up with the space to put your next Lego creation.
11 ‘Modern’ Technologies – You mean I’ve been telling everyone lies about early flamethrower technology? for shame!
8 Ways to Kill Clutter in 5 minutes – Don’t interpret this as 8 ways to kill yourself in 5 minutes. That’s bad. Clean your room. – Wondering what the cool new way to blog is? Posterous. It’s really cool and also really easy.
AJAX 101 – Good for getting through some of the basics… to eventually take over the world.

Bonus! How to Be Jason Bourne – The cool parts, not where they off everyone you love. multiple passports and Swiss bank account for all.


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