future-cadBIG hat tip to Kevin Quigley for commenting on the Future Design and Engineering post yesterday and mentioning another video that takes a stab ( much better stab) and future design possibilities.

FilmMaker Bruce Branit brings reality to life in a big way. No touchscreens, no paper, and no limit to what can be done. Pure artistry really. It’s adaptive and puts you in the design environment. The video’s a bit long and liable to spark some emotions, but worth every minute.

World Builder

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

This is it
This is pretty much how I’ve imagined what an adaptive 3D modeling and rendering environment could be, albeit much smaller, without so much walking about. I’m not even sure Bruce was thinking about 3D mechanical or architectural design, so much as building an environment based on his emotional state. Virtual construction of a dream.

Sure, there’s some things in here that, if you applied how we perform actions in CAD and rendering programs now, would be much easier, but this really sticks to the purity of working directly with the geometry in visibility of everything else.

Via Gizmodo


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