shapeways-photoshaperHere’s your chance to give those photos a little more depth and a more monochromatic feel. Today, Shapeways launches PhotoShaper that turns your photo into a 3D printed plastic masterpiece.

I’m guessing you probably don’t get many photos printed nowadays with the whole digital camera craze going on now, but if you are thinking about archiving some of those brilliant photos, you now have the option of 3D. How’s it work. Take a look.

“Based on the contrast of the picture (light and dark) the Shapeways Photoshaper automatically creates a depth-layered 3D object that can be printed by Shapeways with the latest in 3D printing technology.”

So, you put upload a photo into Shapeway’s combobulator and out pops a chunk of memories. Photo with more contrast are gonna give you better results. Here’s an example of the Photoshaper Tool for a photo I just did. A beautiful butterfly ready to jump out and illuminate your drab desk.


If you look at the top of the image you see the price. $41.18 USD to have this made. Personally, I’d have trouble spending that much. The tech is pretty cool, but what I enjoy contemplating is printing out items (even photos at home like we do with photos right now.


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