I don’t know what was so surprising about it. I mean, a jump kick to the face like that is rare but not uncommon. Granted, it was desktop lamp with no legs and spouting nonsense such as these links.

Strange Happenings – The crazy animation art of Sheharzad Arshad
MultiColr Search Lab – How cool would it be to search for photos dynamically with multiple color selections? This cool.
Takashi Okada – I’d tell you this was weird and inspirational, but you would have to see his web and print portfolio yourself.
Pictoral Periodic Table – The periodic table for those visual types, plus there’s a lenticular 3D version you can get.
ProjectOne Bike Customization – your own custom Trek Bike, cause it’s fun and expensive. The interface is SWEET.
Mechanical Elephant – Slap a brain in this thing and we’re all DOOMed to a future of serving mech-elephant overlords. frightening.
Quick Color correction How-to – Make those crappy photos pop with a few easy steps in Photoshop.
Trial By Fire Preview – Excitement. Tim Ferriss takes on task to master them in one week.


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