I’ve just picked my monitor up off the floor and guess what I see underneath? The warm glow of a video showing some extremely cool sketch technology coming out of AutoDesk University this week.

You remember I (Heart) Sketch? The 3D sketch system that brings conceptualization back to a native hand-drawn environment. Amazing isn’t it? Well, AutoDesk has gone one step further. Video after the jump.

The video tells it all, but quickly, the sketch lines peel across the display like you’re actually using Explorative Sketching techniques, but you’re actually creating 3D geometry that comes together in parametric networks of curves. There’s no name and no know release date, but it’s shown running natively… on a Mac.

Al Dean from Develop3D caught some video of just how sweet it is. See more at Develop3D.

Autodesk Sketching Tech Preview from DEVELOP3D on Vimeo.


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