Oh, believe me, it won’t make bones shoot out your eyes… or eyes shoot out your eyes, although that would be downright impressive. What it will do is create a wave of screaming sack monkeys you can use for canning, Frisbee or viewing these links.

Daryl Mandryk – Character concept and digital painting masterpieces filled with dinos, robots and fightin’.
A website named desire – What’s it like to create and launch a website. This poster shows the process.
AVP Redemption – Not a bad Alien vs. Predator fan flick for what one guy can do with $500 bucks and some spare time.
Simpson’s Blackboard – Every line Bart ever wrote on the blackboard. Link to the making of video too.
Best MacGyver Inventions – I tend to think his best invention was his hair.
8 years in two minutes – You’d think he would look older, not just hairier. Maybe if it was 80 years in two minutes.
Concept Cars – from the desk of Laurent Nivalle, sweet 3D car concepts and photos of more on his site.


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