Holster your gab canon for a moment and raise your goggles. You’ll want to clear some room off the old battle barge for a custom cohort of the artistic variety. It’s 4 inches of resin robot goodness and the first Rampart rendition from the London-based lab of Cris Rose.

We’ve featured the custom creations of Cris Rose before. He models some of his robots up in SolidWorks first, then applies the bits and pieces and paint to make extraordinary collectibles sooooo hard to pass up. Rampart was part of the Dragatomi “Not Vinyl” show. Check. it. out!

Images via Cris Rose and dril one. You can buy Rampart at Dragatomi for a mere 125 bones.

Here’s Cris’s WIP on Rumble Evo II being done up in SolidWorks. If you’re interested in getting the first one before the final one is sold, you can get it here.

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