One look at this and you’ll want to grab a vat of melted butter. What happens when design goes head on with engineering?

Something beautiful and crustacean-like.

The collaboration between the two disciplines can yield some pretty amazing products and at ICFF, one of the largest contemporary furniture shows in North America. This year, there was a lot of that going around and the Lobster Chair from Lund and Paarmann is a perfect example to get our claws on. Imagine the conversation between the designer and the engineer on this product…

Designer: “I want the chair to look like an armadillo perched itself upon a thin, precarious blade of grass.”

Engineer: “Impossible, the laws of physics will never allow it!”

I have no idea if this conversation ever happened, but it’s fun to think so, at least that is what I hear in my head as I look at this beauty. Either way, the team did an outstanding job. The chair has soft Passion leather and a gorgeous Oak veneer. The intersection where the metal base meets the chair is seamless and the chair feels solid as you sit in it. Hats off!

Designers: Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann. Made in Denmark by Verikon Furniture. Available through Strictly Design

Guest post by Bradley Derry. Man on the scene at ICFF 2010. Follow Bradley on Twitter.


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