large backgrounds on websitesThe rotation doesn’t matter so much as the face you’re making during the rotation. That look, my friend, is absolutely stunning. Sure to strike fear into the hearts of onlookers and these links.

80 Large Background Websites – well there went those constraints. awesome. how many use 3D and perspective? adds that much more to it.
State of the Blogosphere 2008 – yes, the blogosphere is alive and well and even has some stats and interesting ideas about the future.
DutchTub – The hot tub heated with wood scraps. Put it anywhere, except maybe indoors.
How to Kickstart a Low Productivity Day – People still have these? well, these are pretty good but they left out #6 – Do a 3 minute Dance Session to your favorite song. c’mon!
Woot Shirt – my obsession with shirts continues. and Woot knows what it’s all about. here ye. here ye.
Ninja Cat – Because the last thing you want going into the weekend is a new fear of cats.


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