multi-touch for 3D cad possibilitiesYes that’s my monochrome body standing there, moving objects around on a very mobile, very modular and yeah, very cool multi-touch display.

It’s the newest in new future technology form none other than MultiTouch, the company. Moving stuff around on a screen with your fingers isn’t new, but theirs is the first completely modular, multi-touch HD LCD display unit and it’s about to slam the potential down on your peaceful afternoon.

You can’t beat this box
cause it’s like that, boombox stack,
circa 1980’s speakers in the back,
but check this out,
It’s got 32 and 46″ versions,
robsut construction,
with full HD resolutions.
HDMI, windows, mac and firewire,
No wi-fi?
huh, scratch resistant glass?
yeah, those spec knock you on your …WHOA….k… outta control

so, yeah, pretty neat boxy piece of multi-touch madness. Just roll it off the truck, slam as many “cells” together as your graphic cards can handle, plug it into your laptop and your seconds away from euphoric responses of passer bys. Just don’t tell them each one cost you $7000 (32″)-$15,000 (46″) or you may have to move along pretty quick. They’re probably better for an underground lair or stage presentations. Nonetheless, these things are MOBILE now, baby.

The video show you all the details and keeps the inspiration rollin’ to create something thinner, that can handle 3D CAD and graphics applications. Yeah, strange, who woulda thought these could be used for engineering and production of more crazy ideas.

future of multi-touch

Via Crave


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