solidworks world 2009 orlando magic kingdomGoing to SolidWorks World 2009? Oh, you haven’t decided yet. We’ll maybe this will convince you to drag yourself and your vacation starved family down for a nice little jaunt across Mickey’s organically fertilized lawn.

This year’s conference is being held at Walt Disney® World Swan & Dolphin, February 8 – 11, 2009. If you register by October 10th, you can save $200 bucks on the conference which will do nicely to help on the first item below.

Reduced Price Tickets
Hello Florida! is providing reduced price tickets for you and the family if you decide you want to take a little vacation while you’re down there in sunny Orlando.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Word is, that the offiste event this year is being held at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Dinoland? Kali Rapids? That huge tree and a bunch of animals? plus Food and drinks? yeah. cool.

Who doesn’t love a good fireworks show. Some people there might just get a special one.


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