I’d say it’s about like when you’re in the barn moving bails of hay and you’re suddenly surrounded by all the farm animals for no apparent reason. Yeah, these links are kinda like that.

2008 Web Design Trends – Some of you think this web design stuff is cool. This link is for you and only you, cause you’re special.
Follow Your Dream – It’s actually really easy… if you do what these guys did.
Easy Kid’s Terrarium – It’s hours of soily plant entertainment with a jar and your uninhibited creativity! Thanks DanielB!
Best of E3 2008 – THe Wired team has all the best coverage and galleries of the biggest gaming event of the year.
Working at Home – A bloggers perspective on the pros, cons and how to make it better.
Trazzler – A site to help you figure out where to travel to rid yourself of all that time and money you have.

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