Why, it ws only a few weeks ago we did a comparison of the Twitter talk about SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Jeff Clark at Neoformix is at it again with their stream of consciousness version that shows the density of words used in for a term over time. What do you think the most used word when discussing SolidWorks is?

“The Twitter StreamGraph shows the usage over time for the words most highly associated with the search word. One of these series together with a time period are in a selected state and coloured red.”

The SolidWorks Twitter Streamgraph

No cursing shows up for AutoCAD this time but it’s an interesting why to see the conversation going on. Another fun one to mess with is Twitter Arcs. It shows the words you use the most between others you talk with on Twitter.

Extra Cool
Wordle from Jonathan Feinberg is another absolutely cool way to visualize data. You can analyze a Twitter search or your website to see what words you are using the most. Here’s a screenshot of SolidSmack. I talk about SolidWorks quite a bit apparently.

Check them out and let me know if you come across anything interesting!


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