The tools clanged against the carriage. When had the mist been so thick? he thought. Even though they hadn’t seen a bonestripper in days, the stench was there. They were close. The mist masked it well, but there over the next rise, a clearing, sparkling with the power of these links.

Ken Wong – His illustration will begin an unfinished story in your head, then flip it around, rub your face along the bizarre and dip it into an array of styles and composition.
Num res – Particle. Gravity. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. 92. Make these particles exchange forces between these other particles. In 3D. How it’s done. Thanks Siim!
Genius Scan – (iTunes Link) Turns your camera phone into a pocket scanner. Take photos, auto-correct skew, email as .jpg or .pdf. Simply awesome.
The Art of Clean Up – Everything is so messy – soup, leaves, fruit bowls. This is how it would be if properly organized. Yes, a book was made about this.
CinematoGIFs – You could watch the movie over again and again or you could watch the most memorable scene over and over in these incredible stills.
Superman vs Google+ – The man of steel can not fend off the insatiable terms of service for Google+.
How Hospitals Harm Us – Just like my grandpa use to say, “Stay away from jails and hospitals.” Words to live by.
Mario Portal – If Mario had a Portal gun. This is how awesome is made.


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