You’ll need more than a forklift to get your jaw off the floor once you find out the details of the upcoming Apocalypse. Yes, it involves robots. OBVIOUSLY. Yes, it involves sharp cutting tools. LESS OBVIOUS, but… yeah. And yes, it even involves 3D CAD…and bikes, and… Go NOW!

The Machines are coming.

Ever wanted to have a look into the mysterious world of manufacturing? How the machines we’ve created have been developed and made? The Edge Factor is the show that take you there.

The Edge Factor is a new 3D stereoscopic series that bring to screen an inside look at real people using extreme technology to create the world we see all around us. Come face to face with astounding engineering challenges in an incredibly exciting world that is normally invisible to the general public. Join Jeremy as he leads us into the invisible world of manufacturing, and meet the personalities that make these stories possible – diverse people with skills that rival that of a doctor or surgeon.

“The latest episode provides an inside look at Straitline’s business, its processes and its use of manufacturing automation—all told through conversations with key staff members.

The episode also includes dramatic footage of the “Jump Ship” competition, which was recently held in Victoria, British Columbia. This major competitive biking event took place just miles from Straitline, with various participating riders relying on Straitline parts.”

Here’s an nice behind-the-scenes look into what the concept behind the show is all about:

YouTube video

The Edge Factor Show premieres September 15th.

Sources: MMS Online and PinkBike