Where? I thought I heard the sound, but ahy, when I looked it was but a wee bunch o’ lil’ furry ones, with coupons for free tire rotations and gnawing on these links.

BambinoMonkey – Robots! Terror! Illustration! like you’ve never seen! plus more at the Bambino Monkey Blog
The Art of Falling – Your most fluid state is probably when you’re falling, that or after appetizers. Thanks Bruce!
Profolio – Elegant. That may not describe your artwork of design, but it describes this free portfolio tool. Go grab it quick. Thanks Brian!
Web Trend Map 2009 – What’s hot in the world of the web. Very cool illustrative approach if I do say so myself.
Twitter Magnets – You’ve been dreaming of this all your life… or at least the last year… or maybe not at all, but you’ll have fun.
The Virtual CBGB – The most famous music venue of all time. Gone, but lives on… via THE WEB.
Food.com – The new site with a steamy interface for all your steamy recipes.

Bonus! 3D in Video Round-up
Adobe Records – I don’t know how to explain this video, but they do sweet beat visualization. Alternate version in the sidebar.
Subprime – A snazzy look at the evolution of the house structures we call home.
Rock the BEAT – Perfect lead into the weekend. be mesmerized by the cube and the rancorous rhythm.


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