I’m happy to say that Industrial Design is alive and well in the Social Media sphere due in part to a select few Industrial Designer bringing things together to let everyone else know what’s up.

Industrial Designers around the world are getting organized on Twitter. The coolest thing about it? They’re not just using it to connect with other ID’ers, but to brainstorm designs, discuss how to use it and generally inspire the design each other.

If you’re an ID student, Professional or interested in what’s going on with ID, the conversation is going to be happening on Twitter. Here’s where to start.

ID’ers on Twitter
Raph Goldsworthy from Design Droplets has started putting together a ID’ers on Twitter list.

Twitter Hashtags (Searches)
#IDT001 – is for taggig the suggestions in using Twitter for ID
#IndustrialDesign – is for tagging all things ID
#IDComp – is for tagging design relevant competitions
#IDJob – is for tagging ID jobs you find which aren’t on dedicated, high-traffic job boards
#IDQuo – is for tagging ID quotes. Ideally it would accompany a link to an RFP

Thanks to @reBang for updates on the Hashtags!

Other Twitter related ID resource
Industrial Design Twibe – group of ID’ers on Twitter.

If you want to find out more, talk about the Twitter craze and find out anything new going on check out the Product Design Forum Twitter Topic.

If your wondering about SolidWorks users, 3D CAD users, ID’ers, Engineers, Designers and other 3D industry peeps check out this list here and be sure to follow the @CADTwitList on Twitter!

Image: Space Invader table design Juan ValldeRutenon on Flickr


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