Ya think a corndog, travellin’ 500 mph isn’t gonna make a couple onions burst or tear a hole in the universe? Well, it did and took half the city block and these links with it!

Markus Vogt – The Sci-Fi fantasy, surreal, and almost Gigeresque 3D/Photoshop art of Markus Vogt.
Reduce distractions from Co-workers – As if having to interact with them is bad enough, so here’s how to get rid of them. Get your saw out.
The Beetle Ceiling – An architectural marvel to behold. It’s odd, it’s shiny, it’s a bit creepy, it’s beetles.
Swebapps – Your turn to add to the app mania. Build your own mobile phone application in minutes. Not Free, but gives you an idea about price.
The Studley Tool Chest – A look inside the tool chest that defined the man. Poster being re-issued by FineWoodworking.
Save More by Doing Less – Ramit Sethi shows the practical approach to saving more of that willy, elusive cash.
Screenr – Instant screen capture for twitter, BUT you can embed it on any website or upload to YouTube. Easy.
50 Insane/Awesome Photoshop Brushes – The magic behind Photoshop, brushes. grab one or two and see what happens.

Bonus: SPACE
Sir Patrick Moore on Pop – He’s Old. He give his review of modern music. awesome.
Comet McNaught – 15 Shots… from different spots.


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