If you’re anxious to spray sweet gravy out your nose at the site of the new rendering capabilities in PhotoView360, your wait is mostly over as of right now.

Spoon it on, cause the Photoview 360 2010 Beta Rendering Contest has gone through the first round, and the entries… are not too shabby. You’ll notice some enhancements right away, namely, Depth of Field (DOF), Decals and ohhhhhhh yeah, custom background and environments. How ya like them biscuits?

Below are the winners. You can see all the submissions at SolidWorks Gallery PhotoView 360 2010 Renderings

Ralf Tide – Toy Race Car

Jim Holland – Piping

Scott Baugh – USB Drive

The Rendering contest is still open for submission. If you’re up for it here are all the details.


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