You just can’t shove that much butter into hat that tiny and expect it to fit over your face. First apply the butter, then the excitement, followed by the hat and a healthy dose of these links.

Tae Young Choi – Some call it concept art. I call it capturing motion and intensity like none other. Tae your eyes.
Boom and Bust – Fear it like only Heyek and Keynes can explain it, if they came back to life and were totally gangsta.
Het Klokhuis – the Dutch science program and how 3D printing was used for the intro.
Duchamp owns Everything – Art history? no problem. This has no images and scrapes the surface, but gets the point across.
Future sliding wall flat – or the best example of how to make the best out of living in a 330 sq ft room.
LookinMyPC – Troubleshooting your computer is no fun. This probably won’t help but will make you seem like you know what you’re doing.
T-shirt Wars – 222 shirt stop motion bliss.
Photoshop Cheat Sheet – Free. PDF. for Photoshop keyboard shortcuts.


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