There’s a multi-touch rash starting to spread across the butt-checks of CAD that no penetrating ointment will cure. So, when SolidWorks demonstrated their future platform independent MCAD platform it was no surprise to see some multi-touch features thrown into the mix.

However, what’s supremely interesting is not the multi-touch, but the device being multi-touched. It’s what we thought looked very much like a Wacom 21UX Cintiq. EXACTLY like one, except one major difference. It had both stylus and those fancy multi-touch capabilities.

So, after quite a bit of digging and verifying through a few channels what we suspected, it’s confirmed this is indeed a prototype Wacom Cintiq Multi-touch with a tentative retail appearance slated for Update Summer 2010 (this has been recanted by Wacom, however I will make the assertion that we will see this Q4 of 2010.) Here are the shots from the show.

You’ll catch a brief glimpse of the Cintiq multi-touch being used at the 1:50 mark in the following video:

SolidWorks 2010 already has some multi-touch capabilities. As with many programs, it mostly involves command access and viewing (pan, rotate, zoom.) The only 3D CAD program which currently allows you to manipulate geometry using multi-touch gestures is SpaceClaim. I, literally, got my hands on it last week and will be spilling my thoughts about that very soon.


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