Ya know, there are dreams of computer hardware coming to life, devouring your lunch and snacking on your soul, but that’s nothing compared to when they go all ‘Voltron’ on you and start battling it out with each other.

Verbatim has a good idea of what this would be like and they let your join in the fun. It’s the Verbatim Championship in sweet monsterific Flash 3D. Create media monster, send to battle, beat the queen. I canceled all my appointments to try it out and provide some slick screenshots for you. Here we go.

Fun huh. The 3D and perspective is kinda trippy too. Makes me want to bash my head against a rainbow and spray Skittles out my eyes. Go at it, have fun and if you run into me on there I will 4GB SDHC you into the ground.

Big thanks to Stu Fingerhut for sending this along!


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