SUSTEAS Kettle: 2021 Best Whistling Kettle
SUSTEAS Kettle: 2021 Best Whistling Kettle


Maximum Capacity: 2.6 liters

Minimum Capacity: 2 liters

Dimensions: 18.2 x 18.2 x 23.5 cm

Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Cooktop Compatibility: Induction, Gas, Halogen, Electric, & Radiant


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  • It is available in red, black, white, and ivory white.
  • You can fill the kettle through the spout or the wide opening under the handle.
  • The design is vintage, which gives it a distinguishing beauty in your kitchen.
  • The cover of the kettle’s opening holds well even if you tilt it.
  • The whistling sound is loud but not that irritatingly sharp.
  • It’s the best whistling kettle with a 3-ply base that helps it heat water within 3 minutes.

Full Review:

If you are looking for a practical water-heating kitchen tool for your tea, an electric kettle will be a good choice. It can heat water in minutes and automatically shuts down once it has reached the boiling point. Yet, there’s something beautiful about the traditional whistling kettles that their electric counterparts will never beat. They can offer complete control over the heating process and deliver that very distinctive whistling sound that reminds you of the good old days. If you need one, our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team knows the best whistling kettle to get: the SUSTEAS kettles.

SUSTEAS Whistling Kettle
SUSTEAS Whistling Kettle

One of the biggest things that makes a SUSTEAS kettle more captivating than the other models we tested is its look. It is available in three colors (white, ivory white, and black) and flaunts a vintage design with some bronze details. Its exterior has a smooth coating, giving it extra charm wherever you place it. Besides its beauty, nonetheless, we appreciate the materials and the build of the kettle. The body has 0.58 mm thickness that gives the unit a solid feel, while the handle proved to be sturdy and firm when we used it.

cooktop compatibility of SUSTEAS Whistling Kettle
The SUSTEAS whistling kettle is compatible with all kinds of cooktops.

The kettle is food-grade SUS304 stainless steel material, with its base sporting three layers of alternating aluminum and iron. These materials allow it to work on induction cooktops and boil water as fast as electric models. In our test, it managed to boil the liquid within 3 minutes using induction and gas stoves, which was truly impressive. The whistle also didn’t fail after the multiple water-heating experiments we did. It produced audible sound by only filling it below the suggested 2.6-liter max capacity. It was perfectly loud to hear it up to 15 feet away, but not to the extent it would hurt your ears when you turn off the stove.

whistle of SUSTEAS whistling kettle
The SUSTEAS kettle releases a loud whistle that you can hear 15 feet away or more!

The package comes with a free silicone pinch mitt, but it surprised us how it’s almost unnecessary. The kettle handle barely reacts to the heat (as long as you keep the fire low to medium), and before it does, you can already hear the whistle.

pouring water from SUSTEAS Whistling Kettle
The ergonomic handle is comfortable in hand, giving you great control in pouring the water into the cup.

On the other hand, pouring the hot water into your cup is easy with this 2021 best whistling kettle. The handle is ergonomic, and although the kettle has substantial heft, it offers excellent control as you tilt it. The button placement for the spout cover is also convenient enough for your fingers to reach, and the spout pours smoothly. With all of these things, we would recommend it even to those who have weak hands and muscles.

SUSTEAS Whistling Kettle FAQs:

Is the SUSTEAS whistling kettle toxic-free?

  • Yes, the SUSTEAS whistling kettle is 100% Teflon- and BPA-free.

Does the SUSTEAS whistling kettle work with induction cooktops?

  • Yes, it does. It is also compatible with other cooking apparatuses such as gas, halogen, electric, and radiant.

Will the SUSTEAS kettle still whistle if I fill it above its maximum capacity?

  • It would help if you only fill the SUSTEAS kettle up to 80% (2.6 liters) of its capacity. It will assure the whistle feature will function properly.

Will the flame of a gas cooktop ruin the exterior coat of the SUSTEAS whistling kettle?

  • To protect the coat of the kettle, keep the flame underneath the bottom of the kettle. Just set the stove to low to medium heat, and prevent the gas flames from licking the sides of the kettle.

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