Greenworks 25022: Best Push Lawn Mower of 2021
Greenworks 25022: Best Push Lawn Mower of 2021


Brand: Greenworks

Type: Push Mower

Power Source: Electric

Material: Alloy Steel

Cutting Width: 20 inches


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  • The handle folds for easy storage of the unit.
  • It offers oil-, emission-, and smoke-free performance.
  • The model is much quieter than its gas counterparts.
  • The push mower comes pretty much assembled, with just the handle needing to be attached.
  • It can handle even tall grass patches without dying.
  • It is the best push lawn mower that offers easy maneuvering and pushing despite not having a self-propelling system.

Full Review:

More people resort to electric lawn mowers, and we can’t blame them. Using gas models is often a migraine with all the emissions, oil, and smoke you need to face as the downside of its power. Thankfully, electric models are now getting better and better these days. Here is proof for that: Greenworks 25022, the best push lawn mower of 2021.

Greenworks 25022 Push Lawn Mower features
Greenworks 25022 Push Lawn Mower

Our last review covered Greenworks SmartPace MO40L4413 as the best self-propelled lawn mower. It is a battery-operated model that can last up to 70 minutes, making it a good option for small yards. It is convenient, as there would be no gas or power cord you need to mind. Yet, it might be a bit limiting for those who own medium-sized lawns. Enter model 25022: the electric push mower of Greenworks. It might not have the tempting self-propelling action of its sibling, but it can be a monster in its own way.

cord retainer of Greenworks 25022 Push Lawn Mower
The cord retainer of Greenworks 25022 prevents accidental unplugging of the extension cord.

Greenworks 25022 features a 12 amp motor that is electrically powered, giving you unlimited runtime to continuously mow small- to medium-sized lawns. The unit has a cord retainer that prevents accidental unplugging of the extension cord you will be using. It means there is a shallow learning curve in its cable management to avoid running over the cord, but it isn’t tricky getting used to it. And for the experience it offers, it’s all worth it.

cutting width of Greenworks 25022 Push Lawn Mower
The steel deck of Greenworks 25022 delivers a 20-inch cutting width in just a single pass.

The rugged steel deck of this 2021 best push mower delivers a 20-inch cutting width and a 3-in-1 system, allowing it to mulch, rear bag, and side discharge grass clippings. It also has seven adjustable positions 1.5 up to 3.75 inches. The adjustment is accessible using the single lever at the side of the deck. It is one of the most undemanding height adjustment systems we have ever tested that offers instant results. With just a pull, you can easily adjust the 7” front wheels and 10” rear wheels.

engine start button of Greenworks 25022 Push Lawn Mower
The Greenworks 25022 can start with just a push of a button!

Moreover, we were impressed with its cutting performance when we tested it for an actual setup. It started working right away after pushing the start button and passed our tall grass test without bogging down. We had to slow down when we mowed the deep areas of the lawn with thick patches, but it ate everything up without a miss. It managed to give the place a clean-looking, uniform cut in just a single pass. With patience on the user’s end, it didn’t struggle while working. We also praise the ease of pushing and maneuvering it, even with a single hand. Most of all, it has way lot quieter than the gas models we tested in the same category!

Greenworks 25022 Push Lawn Mower FAQs:

How long is the cord of the Greenworks 25022 push mower?

  • The cord is about 18 inches long. It would be best to have a separate extension cord for this, which you can attach to its cord retainer when using the unit.

Is the Greenworks 25022 a self-propelled lawn mower?

  • No, it is not. It is a push mower that you need to push to move manually.

Is the Greenworks 25022 lawn mower hard to assemble?

  • The unit comes almost fully assembled. You need to attach the handle, which won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Does the package of Greenworks 25022 come with the bag attachment?

  • Yes, it does come with everything you need, except the extension cord.

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