Mueller Ultra M99S: 2021 Best Electric Kettle
Mueller Ultra M99S: 2021 Best Electric Kettle


Brand: Mueller

Wattage: 1500 watts

Power Source: Cordless Kettle, Corded Base

Capacity: 1.8 liters

Kettle Material: Borosilicate Glass


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  • It features the SpeedBoil Tech that can heat water within minutes. 
  • A bright LED light around the kettle base indicates that it is currently heating the water.
  • The handle has an anti-slip texture and is heat-resistant.
  • The base has a long 30” cord.
  • It comes with a cordless kettle with a glass body.

Full Review:

You can heat water in a variety of ways. You can use your reliable cooktops, or you can simply get some from your coffee machines. However, nothing can beat the fast and instant heating action of the best electric kettle in your kitchen. They can bring the water to boil within minutes. No pans and fire are needed. If you still don’t have one, or you want to replace that old whistling kettle of yours, try the Mueller Ultra M99S.

Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle
Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle

The Mueller Ultra M99S was one of the items we tested for the best electric tea kettle before. And although it didn’t beat the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp in the said roundup, it is beautiful and sensible in its own way. The lack of numerous buttons makes it a practical choice for many users who simply want hot water in a minute. A single switch located in its handle offers pure simplicity and excellent functionality.

cordless kettle of Mueller Ultra M99S
The cordless body of the kettle allows easy pouring of water into your cup.

Mueller Ultra M99S has a corded base and a cordless kettle, offering a hassle-free 360° rotational placement. Most of its parts are heat-resistant copolyester and 304 stainless steel, which give the body extra heft. On the other hand, the kettle itself flaunts a beautiful clear borosilicate glass body. With this material and the water filling marks on its wall, filling it up is easy.

Its bright blue LED lighting makes it the best electric kettle in aesthetics. But apart from that, it can also be a handy feature when you are using the unit in a poorly lit room. It is also an excellent alternative to the irritating beeping sounds of other models to indicate that the kettle has finally finished heating the water.

LED lights of Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle
Mueller Ultra M99S has LED lights, which serve as its indicator when heating water.

The performance of the Mueller Ultra M99S is also as dazzling as the LED lights of its glass body. Our test took no more than 7 minutes to heat 1.8 liters of water. It was fast and painless. We also love its safety features, such as the auto-shutoff after 30 seconds of reaching the water’s boiling point. There is also a boil-dry prevention system, so you can be sure that it will stop working when it senses that the kettle is empty.

Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle FAQs:

Is the Mueller Ultra M99S kettle itself corded?

  • The Mueller Ultra M99S has a corded base and a cordless kettle. The kettle is cordless, and it heats water by drawing power from the corded base.

Can I put coffee grounds, loose tea, or tea bags inside the Mueller Ultra M99S kettle?

  • The Mueller Ultra M99S is only for heating water.

How hot does the water get in Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle?

  • The Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle can boil water up to 100°C (212°F).

Is the cord of the Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle retractable?

  • No, the cord of the Mueller Ultra M99S Electric Kettle is not retractable.

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