My last post was ostensibly about my new SpaceMouse, but within half an hour I had not less than five different people ask about my stylus. What the what? Stylus? For CAD? In short: yes, I use a stylus for CAD. And everything else, actually. I don’t even own a decent mouse anymore.

I declared a couple of months ago that Lenovo had marketed its ThinkPad Tablet to the wrong crowd. It’s 10″ screen and pressure sensitive stylus made it stick out as the first real contender for the title of Cintiq-on-the-cheap. Lucky me, someone at Lenovo read the post and offered up a review unit. Of course,…

Last week, while Josh was in a travel-weary coma, I went through his wallet and found his login to SolidSmack. (Your wallet, Josh? That’s pretty lame, man.) I choose to abuse my new found access to the SolidSmack media empire by writing this rant… directed towards Wacom.