It is only a concept design, but the strong renders and execution by designer Jorge Trevino Blanco will have you believe that you are really looking at an accessory for the Google GLASS. Say hello to the Google Draw Stylus Concept for GLASS.

draw stylus2

Just to be clear, this is personal project of the designer and he has developed this stylus for Google GLASS as a concept that explores the possibility of enhancing the interaction between the device and us. The system uses virtual reality to control GLASS commands through handwriting. The stylus can be used to create art, sketching and for social interaction as well.

draw stylus3

Creativity has no bounds so in a way this project is perfect reflection of determination and futuristic approach on how we can anticipate a peripheral industry spinning-off for the wearable tech industry. Have a look at the extensive renders showcased below.

draw stylus4

draw stylus5

draw stylus6

draw stylus7

draw stylus8

draw stylus9

draw stylus10

draw stylus11

draw stylus12

draw stylus13

draw stylus14

draw stylus15

draw stylus16

draw stylus17

draw stylus18

draw stylus19

draw stylus20

draw stylus21

draw stylus22

draw stylus23

draw stylus24

draw stylus25

draw stylus26

draw stylus27

draw stylus28

draw stylus29

draw stylus30

draw stylus31