While using a stylus and a tablet for sketching is still a cumbersome experience for a lot of designers (particularly in the fine-point tip department), it is still very doable with enough practice…and in some cases, with some spare paper nearby. We’ve seen two-in-one hybrids that pair a stylus tip with a pen in the past, but the more traditionally-styled mechanical pencil/stylus hybrid 800+ from German writing instrument company r0tring just might be one of the best we’ve seen for designers and engineers so far.

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Most notably we’ve seen the hybrid done before from Scott Wilson over at MNML under his LunaTik brand as well as through the Solid Titanium and Pen+Stylus project on Kickstarter nearly two years ago.

However despite their functionality, the offerings that we’ve seen thus far are ink-based and lack the charm of collectible writing instruments that you really want to carry around with you…or even one that offers a mechanical pencil for detailed engineering and design ideation.


The 800+ mechanical pencil offers the well-weighted feel of traditional metal writing tool and offers both a precision stylus tip and a mechanical pencil tip. With a simple ‘twist and lock’ mechanism,the pencil can extend and retract from the same side of the pen as the stylus…creating a nearly seamless writing experience between the physical and the digital.


Priced at $85 USD (or €70 EUR), the 800+ is currently available in .5mm and .7mm models for all your construction line needs. Check out more over at r0tring.

(Images via r0tring)