It’s not even worth debating whether sketches created by “finger painting” on a tablet with your big stubby nubs are worth using or not. Unless you’re just laying out a few simple lines, a stylus is almost always necessary for achieving something with a finished sketch quality –– particularly one with pressure sensitivity.

As the first stylus connected to Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform, the Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint Stylus is not only a modern stylus with pinpoint precision across 2,048 of pressure sensitivity, it’s also able to intelligently and quickly pull your files from the cloud across multiple devices for working quickly and efficiently.

And the best part?

For a limited time, this butt-kickin’ stylus is 60% off the retail price of $99.99 and can be purchased today for just $39.99 –– free shipping included.

Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint Stylus: $99.99 $39.99 (60% off)

  • Create strokes as thick or thin as you want w/ 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Draw w/ an exceptional accuracy w/ a smart Pixelpoint tip
  • Program the buttons for quick shortcuts for your most-used functions like erase & undo
  • Pull files from the cloud, copy & paste between devices, & make custom color profiles w/ Adobe Color
  • Rest your hand comfortably on the screen w/o making marks thanks to palm rejection
  • Free shipping

Ready to level up your tablet sketching game? Get yours here.