Did we hear you say that you’re exhausted due to the festivities? We got your back! Relax, kick your feet up on the lounger and take a few sips of pinacolada. Yes, this heat is killing all of us, but the sweltering digest for this week is super hottt too.

Yup, talking about the week that was. Check out what you missed while we toiled during the fireworks and put up some great reads for you.

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Jony Ive Departure Reportedly Due to Tim Cook’s Growing Disinterest in Product Design

The news centered around Apple design icon Jony Ive departing the Cupertino-based tech giant to form a new design studio with fellow industrial designer Marc Newson has hit the mainstream. While it makes sense for somebody to want to shift gears after nearly three decades with the same company, we now have further insight into what might have been the deciding factor for this prolific departure.

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THE CHAIR Exhibition Showcases One-of-a-Kind Chairs From International Designers

The New York gallery The Future Perfect held an exhibition showcasing several one-of-a-kind chairs made by many different architects, sculptors, artists, and designers. Aptly-titled “The Chair’, the show featured both functional chairs (meaning those that visitors can sit on) as well as conceptual chairs that studied form over function.

What’s HW Startup Culture Like in Warsaw, Poland? (+ Orange FabLab Tour)

Recently, I toured Europe to learn about how hardware startups grew there. Where is the Euro Silicon Valley? How are startups treated there compared to in the U.S.? How does networking, funding and team-building work over yonder? One of my stops was Warsaw, Poland. Here, I’ll share what I learned touring the FabLab powered by Orange, and interviewing the COO of Arkley, a hardware accelerator/VC.

Fresco is Adobe’s Latest (And Greatest) iPad Sketching App

After announcing the app in October 2018 and releasing a closed beta last April, Adobe has renamed their tentatively-titled ‘Project Gemini’ drawing and painting app ‘Adobe Fresco‘. Taking its name from an old Italian painting technique where an artist paints using a mixture of pigments and water on wet plaster, Fresco’s biggest draw is its Live Brushes:

UPPKOPPLA Is Custom 3D Printed Gaming Accessories From IKEA and UNYQ

Ever since they announced they would be making customized 3D printed chairs for gamers, IKEA has been slowly entering the gaming peripheral market. Now, in collaboration with UNYQ, a worldwide prosthetic company, and Swedish e-sports company, Area Academy, they are finally working on products which aren’t just meant for setting your bottom on.