Fins rose from the surface froth with the viney sap that had us stuck at the inlet. We knew we could set it ablaze but had to time it right — the one match we held was the one we would need to both burn the vine swamp and ignite the five-headed wick of these links.

Feng Feng: The Beijing-based Concept Artist captures battlefields, dragons, and ships mixing in future-retro and fast bikes, with that blocky style we love.

Macro Water: Don Komarechka explores nature through his macro lens, and goes on to stun us with miniature water droplet works of art.

Standing Cats: A series of cat portraits from Alexis Reynaud, showing us what cats look like when they are seen posing upright on two feet. Yep.

Leng Jun: The world’s foremost hyperrealist painters, paints a portrait of live model Bailee Wilson in a one-day, public painting session.

IKEA Soffa Sans: Inspired by all the memes born from its online “Design your own sofa” planner, IKEA has released a free font called Soffa Sans. It allows you to design the layouts and configurations of IKEA’s couches, from the Vimle sectionals to the Vallentuna modular sofa series.

Jade Dust Furry: Ceramic sculptures by Linda Nguyen Lopez, rendered in shades of pink, yellow, black, and ombre.  The textured sculptures are designed to be viewed in the round and sometimes include smaller particles, which Linda calls ‘dandruff’.

The Lander – An incredible Sci-Fi short by Han Yang that rivals the best out there. See more of his work on Artstation.

Carpenter Gothic: The brilliance of Ted Lott. See how he builds wooden artworks with the buildings juxtaposed with the furniture of the industrial revolution.

Oragami Moving Cubes: Jo Nakashima show how to make them using only square sheets of paper (one per cube). Everything is connected without glue nor tape. Each interconnected box is individually folded and strategically added to the larger cube. Other cube fun as well.

Eve of Destruction – The Chemical Brothers bring the beat and b-movie monsters plus some retro super hero costumes. Bit stroby.

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